The fastest BI, analytics and data science experience ever made

Effortlessly explore and visualize data in a blazingly fast interface

Explore and discover with browser-based notebook analytics.

Filter and query data at light-speed with a full SQL database embedded in the the client. No network latencies.

Schedule reports and notebooks for automatic delivery to everyone that need the insights.

One analytics and BI tool for the entire company

Don’t look for multiple analytics tools for your business. Rational BI delivers deep analytics, reporting, dashboards and a full Business Intelligence stack in a single modern platform.

Modern Analytics + Enterprise BI

Get all the features you need in a single platform. Rational BI provides enterprise features and modern data science features in a single platform that can service every type analytics and reporting.

Rely on enterprise features like Single Sign-On, policy-based RBAC security, scheduled reporting and more.

In-browser SQL database engine

Rational BI brings powerful analytics capabilities with a full SQL database embedded in the browser.

Read, write, join and filter data from notebooks and dashboards for blazing performance without having to talk to the server.

Eliminating server round-trips for data improves time-to-insight and reports update faster since filtering and searching can be done without going over the network for the data.

Scheduled Delivery

Bring analytics and insights to everyone in the organization. Rational BI’s powerful scheduling engine allows you to take any report, dashboard or notebook and refresh it on a schedule and have it delivered to everyone that needs it.

Updated insights delivered on time, every time.

Connect all your data

It’s easy to get all your data into Rational BI. Connect to a cloud drive like Google Drive or Dropbox. Connect your databases with a live database connection and securely access the latest data anytime you need it.

If you have data in Google Sheets, you’ll spreadsheets be instantly made available for analytics and reports. Changes to the source data is immediately reflected in dashboards and notebooks.

Benchmark yourself against over a hundred thousand SQL-queryable public datasets.

Data Science & Business Intelligence

Dashboards & Reports

Traditional reports and dashboards are invaluable tools for distributing information to an audience of data consumers that can easily keep track of the key performance indicators and trends that are most relevant to their daily work.

Rational BI provides both interactive dashboards with real-time filtering and drill-downs as well as a content management system that makes it easy to build text-heavy reports that embed chats, diagrams and other data as part of the content flow.

Combining traditional reports with scheduled delivery allows the audience to receive up-to-date information in their inbox without having to remember and log in to another tool.

Notebook Analytics

Dashboards and reports are useful for distributing reports to a large audience but less appropriate for serious data analysis, discovery or data science tasks.

Rational BI provides powerful data notebooks built on top of industry standard JavaScript and SQL. By combining two of the most popular languages for querying and manipulating data, Rational BI provides a one-stop environment for all kinds of data analysis. Query data, manipulate it, store it and query it again, all without lag or network latencies.

Make use of 3rd party libraries and components by loading directly from NPM.

Wave goodbye to bad BI tools

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