Client-side Analytics

Faster insights with a real relational SQL database in your browser

In-browser SQL Engine

Rational BI takes advantage of recent advances in web browser technology that allows full software packages to be delivered and executed inside the browser.

We’ve packaged SQLite, the worlds most widely deployed relational database inside the Rational BI user interface and use it to deliver datasets for analysis directly to the user, erasing the dependency on the server for many of the tasks that would typically require a round-trip to a database on the server.

The database is both able to read and write data, so you can use it to INSERT data you’ve processed, read it back with SELECTs and JOINs. You can even take advantage of advanced SQL functions like common table expressions (CTEs) and Window functions, functionality with great utility for data analysis and analytics.

By combining the power read-write SQL with programmatic manipulation using JavaScript, there’s very few limits to the data science and analysis that can be performed directly within the collaborative and visual browser user interface.

Wave goodbye to bad BI tools

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