All your data files are now databases

Your Excel files, CSVs and other data: live and queryable



Build interactive dashboards and reports directly from your Excel files, CSVs and other data files. Link your Google Drive or Dropbox to always keep in sync with the latest data, automatically.

Cloud drive integrations

Google Drive

When you connect your Google Drive, the system will continuously monitor the drive for any files that can be converted into relational data and make them available in for reporting. 

When the files change, so does the data so your reports, dashboards and data analysis is always up-to-date with the latest data. 


Dropbox connections work much the same as Google Drive but restricts the files that Rational BI can see to a single folder.

Any files placed in the shared folder will be instantly indexed and made available as SQL-queryable data stores, ready for reporting and analysis.

Wave goodbye to bad BI tools

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