Dashboards & Reports

Traditional Business intelligence just got more approachable


Dashboards are excellent for getting at-a-glance insights into the performance of your organization.

Rational BI allows you to build all the reports and dashboards you need without any code, queries or IT involvement. Simply set up connections to your data and start building with the graphical design studio.

Like the dashboard in your car, your data dashboards should be designed for a quick overview of current key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends.

Long-form traditional reports

Some data need more context and Rational BI includes a full graphical content management system for creating reports that work like a document instead of a dashboard.

By directly and graphically editing the report, Rational BI reports are responsive and can embed every kind of visualization and data. You can also include notebook analytics and interactive elements.

Reports work well with scheduled reporting.

Data Sources

Rational BI connects to all your data

Wave goodbye to bad BI tools

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