Direct Database Connections

Live data from your SQL data source

Connect to your corporate data

Rational BI connects directly to your database. If you have a SQL datasource, chances are good that it’ll be supported out of the box. You can make live queries from with the Rational analytical interface, query data from reports and dashboards without having to proxy the data through a vendor’s data engine.

Direct connection

For many databases, a direct connection is ideal. The user is always using the latest data and no reporting copies need to be maintained.

Rational BI keeps a direct connection to your database and is able to forward queries to your data store.

The Rational BI platform will enforce security, manage connections, multiplexing, scheduling and other tasks to prevent load issues in the database.

Staged approach

Sometimes the source database isn’t appropriate for live queries from a reporting tool.

If that is the case, you can use an ETL tool to convert the data in the live database to a SQLite reporting database and upload it to Rational BI through our REST API.

This approach limits the total size of the database to what is appropriate to to transfer over the network in compressed form and load into the web browser.

For best performance, reporting databases < 100 MB are ideal. This means that data should be somewhat pre-aggregated into data cubes that can drive reports and provide filtering/drill-downs as needed.

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