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Managing your organization

Every account in Rational BI belongs to an organization. When the account is first set up, there’s a single account with the organization, but it’s possible to create additional accounts to better structure your organization. You can, for example, create an account for each of your business units, or separate accounts for staging and production data.

The ability to create additional accounts depends on your subscription plan.

If you need additional accounts and can’t create them, contact for more information.

Security and billing in Rational BI is controlled at the organization level while data and reports are organized within an account.

Configuring the organization name

To change the organization name, select Organization from the avatar menu in the top right corner of the user interface. Navigate to the organization section.

You can edit the name of the organization to anything you’d like, but if your organization has a long name, consider using an abbreviation in order to allow it to ft in available space in menus.

You can change the logo in the top left corner of the user interface to a custom logo.

To upload an organizational logo, select Organization from the avatar menu in the top right corner of the user interface. Navigate to the organization section and click the button labelled Select a new logo.

Pick a new image to use. Both JPG and PNG images can be uploaded. After you select an image, you’ll be able to crop the picture to fit the indicated space.

Logos should fit in the available space in order to look best. If your logo appears distorted, you can retry the upload with different settings.

PNG images with transparent backgrounds generally work best, but any type of image is possible to use.

Setting your organizational key

The organization key is used to uniquely identify resources belonging to your organization and will be prefixed to all datasets, reports and other resources you create. For this reason, you should choose it carefully and refrain from changing it once established unless absolutely necessary.

In the event that the organizational key is changed, the system will make an effort to redirect data references and reports but you should update references across your account as soon as possible.

The organization key must be a string without special identifiers, spaces or special punctuation. It should ideally be representative of your organization.