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Connecting to a remote database

Remote database connections are a special class of datasets that act as a proxy to your remote datastore.

Creating a new database connection

To connect to a remote database, navigate to the home page and select New Database Connection from the New button menu in the data section.

Provide a name for the data connection. This name will show up to end users and should be a friendly name that indicates the data source.

The database name is the name used to uniquely identify the dataset to the system and is used when referencing the dataset in queries and code. It will be prepended with your organizational key to form a fully qualified dataset name that uniquely identifies it in the Rational BI ecosystem.

Database names can only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores and must not start with a digit. It cannot be a reserved keyword.

The remote data connection will be created when you click the OK button in the dialog and you will be taken to the dataset screen.

The dataset will initially be missing the remote data connection, and the status will be indicated as Configuration Incomplete. To complete configuration of the remote dataset, select the Connection tab.

Configuration options depend on the remote database.

Configuring connections to common databases

Database not listed?

Rational BI is able to connect to almost any database that can return tabular data. Contact if your database isn't listed and we'll be happy to help you get connected.