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About analytics and reporting

Reporting, analytics and data science is a broad field and it is difficult for a single tool to meet the needs of every use case.

Rational BI provides several complementary approaches to working data. Each type is suited to a particular task.

You can create two types of reports:


Notebooks can contain code to manipulate and analyze data and you can use the SQL database engine to read, write and join data directly in the browser. You can use thousands of JavaScript libraries distributed through NPM to do analytics, data manipulation and visualization.


Dashboards, which are useful for presenting a snapshot of data that will convey information at a quick glance. In the corporate world, it’s common to have sales and operations dashboards that include KPIs (key performance indicators) that condense underlying data to simple tables or single numbers.

You might want to create a dashboard if your audience is going to be using your report to get a quick overview and a sense of the general state of a process.

Dashboards can be built through the visual query builder and you can use your own SQL queries if you need more control. There’s also built-in filtering that can be used to create an interactive report.

If you are planning to do something more analytical or need to manipulate data beyond what is possible with SQL, then a Notebook is a better type of report.

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