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Building dashboard reports

To build a dashboard report, navigate to the home screen and click New in the report section.

The system will create a new report and open it in notebook mode. To change to dashboard mode, use the selector in the header bar to change the view.

Dashboards are built as blocks of visualizations. Click the pie chart button pie chart icon in the toolbox to add a new visualization to the dashboard and open the data studio.

Learn to build visualizations in the data studio

When you have configured your new visualization to your liking, click OK to close the Data Studio window. The new visualization will be added to the dashboard.

When a new visualization is added to the dashboard, it is given a default size. The title bar will be selected for you to edit. You can use the text editing features in the toolbox to select size and formatting of the title bar.

Resize the visualization by dragging the corner grip. The dashboard is divided in a grid system and will respond to different screen sizes and adjust the layout to make sure that each visualization has sufficient space.

Visualizations will attempt to compact upwards. You can drag and rearrange them by dragging the title bar.

You can edit, duplicate and delete the visualization through the context menu that shows up while the report is unlocked.