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Code Filters

Code filters apply flexible JavaScript transformations to the resultset after it has been created.

The code editor displays a text area where custom JavaScript code can be entered in the form of the body of a method with the following signature:

"use strict";
function transform(params) {
 return params.value

where params is a data structure in the form:

  value: <cell value> 

the purpose of the code is to transform params.value and return the replacement value. The default no-op implementation is return params.value which will return the cell value without any modifications.

Care should be take to handle empty values since null values are possible.

Example: Convert column values to upper case

Code sample

return params.value ? params.value.toUpperCase() : null;

Example: Add a default value

Code sample

return params.value ? params.value.toUpperCase() : "Default value";