Enterprise Business Intelligence

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What is Rational BI?

Rational BI’s unique analytics and data platforms provides a more agile alternative to traditional BI.

With Rational BI’s solution, everyone in the business can get access to powerful analytics tools without the overhead of backend servers, database integration or complex tooling.

When everyone has access to the latest data and insights, everyone can make better decisions.

Back up your decisions with data through Rational BI.

Build your data driven business on Rational BI

Rational BI is a business intelligence platform that helps create the best possible analytics experience for innovative and forward-thinking companies around the world. Our enterprise customer support solution helps you efficiently handle a globally dispersed team, so you can align your organization around what matters most — your customer.

Embed analytics anywhere you need it

Rational BI is a cloud platform that allows you to move the parts you need into your own data environment. You can embed reporting and analytics into your Intranet and publish data to the web.

Data Sources

Before you can start working with your data, you first need to connect to it. Enterprise users have data stored in databases, data lakes and other disparate locations. Rational BI supports connecting to a wide variety of enterprise data. For example, your data might be stored in a spreadsheet on your desktop, in an Oracle database or as CSV files in a corporate Azure Data Lake. You might also want to connect to open data on the web, such as U.S. Census Bureau information, or to a cloud database source, such as Google Analytics, Amazon Redshift, or Salesforce.

In all these cases, Rational BI is able to set up a secure data connection that keeps Rational BI reports in real-time synchronization with the source data.

Enterprise Security

Rational BI uses AES 256 bit encryption to secure data in transit and cached data is stored encrypted at rest. Plus, TLS 1.2 is used to encrypt network traffic between users’ browsers and the Rational BI platform. SAML 2.0 SSO is supported for Rational BI Enterprise customers. All customers can enable 2FA on their accounts. If SSO is used, Rational BI will inherit the login security settings in the user’s IdP or Google account.

On-premise Data

In order to achieve instant access to reports and to alleviate network and computing pressure on the source data, Rational BI queries configured data sources and stores a transient data mart that is able to render reports on demand without real-time access to the source data.

In some cases, enterprise policies prevent data from leaving the corporate network, even through a secured data connection. In those cases, Rational BI supports querying on-premise data directly, with no data ever traversing the network to the Rational BI cloud. A fully configurable data access layer allows the flexibility to set up data sourcing policies for each data source to ensure that data is governed at each step in the reporting pipeline.