Notebook Analytics

Leverage the full power of SQL and JavaScript in your notebooks

Computational Notebooks

Notebook analytics is one of the most powerful paradigms since data can be refined and analyzed progressively and makes it possible to work with data in an organized step-by-step fashion that allows viewers to follow along with the logic as the data evolves.

Rational BI notebooks are built on top of industry standard technologies: JavaScript and SQL that minimize the learning curve and allows everyone to participate in the data conversation.

Rational Notebooks are embedded together with powerful content management system so that you can build visually compelling data stories without resorting to HTML or Markdown. By embedding powerful visualization and formatting capabilities directly into the user interface, Rational notebooks can replace Powerpoint and other presentation tools to provide a live-computing environment that also looks good.

Directed Acyclic Graphs

Sometimes logic don’t just move top-to-bottom, but various sets of data depend on each other in a complex pattern. Rational Notebooks solve this problem by incorporating topological evaluation where data is calculated by starting at nodes without any dependencies and evaluating one node after another in topological order.

When data changes in single node, only the nodes that depend on that result have to be recomputed, improving performance and allowing for truly reactive notebooks.

Direct access to relational data

Query any connected data source directly from JavaScript to retrieve the exact information you need for your analysis.

Data is returned as plain JavaScript objects that can be refined using the full power of modern JavaScript, packages in NPM (and some, like Lodash are built-in), and visualized using the Rational BI data studio.

There’s also a full SQL database living in the browser where you can store intermediate data, join it and query it freely.

Performance is excellent since there’s no round-trips to the server and you can perform thousands of queries in loops while still maintaining real-time performance.

Wave goodbye to bad BI tools

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