Open Data

Analyze and benchmark with thousands of open datasets

Rational BI contains over a hundred thousand public datasets made available by governments, research institutions, NGOs and a multitude of others that contribute data that is made available to everyone free of charge.

Analyze and Explore

Get the data and context you need to understand your market, the world and what is happening in the world.

Rational BI has datasets about every topic and makes all of it available through a real-time relational database that makes it possible to quickly get to the insights you are looking for.

Contextualize and Benchmark

You can use the open data provided by Rational BI to benchmark your organization or augment the data in your databases.

For example, a sales trend can be overlaid with macroeconomic trends to understand how sales respond in varying economic times. Since all data is relational and queryable, you can combine it freely in queries and notebook logic.

You could, for example, perform linear regressions with a combination of corporate and open data.

Wave goodbye to bad BI tools

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