Modern Business Intelligence

Effortless dashboards, scheduled reports, analytics and data integration.

Rational BI connects to your Excel files, Google Sheets, CSVs and data files and turns them into data sources you can use for reports and dashboards.

Dynamic exploratory dashboards

Create charts and graphs for the web directly from your data even if it lives in a spreadsheet or a text file. No coding or ETL pipeline required.

If you put more than one visualization into a dashboard, selections will allow you to dynamically explore and drill down into the row-level detail for unparalleled understanding of your business.

Rational BI helps you build a data-driven organization with up-to-date delivery without the IT complexities of traditional BI and reporting software.

Embeddable, responsive and sharable

Combine charts and tables into dynamic dashboards that scale to every device from phones to tablets to desktops and projection walls.

Insert them into your intranet or distribute to the right people without having to worry about Excel files getting out of sync.

Define how data sources interact with each other and allow your users to filter and drill into your data while making sure that data stays meaningful and accurate. Combine data to get a full view of the data that defines your business.

Schedule your reports for automatic delivery

Dashboards and reports can be configured to automatically deliver to multiple people. The dashboard will refreshed with the latest data, turned into a PDF file and attached to an email, sent on behalf of you, to your recipients.

The Rational BI platform scales with you to deliver thousands of reports to the right stakeholders, always with the latest data.

Tell a story with your data that reaches your audience at the right time, on-time, always.

Scheduled reporting delivers data when and where it’s needed most.

Design Studio

Create tables and visualizations in minutes with the Rational BI Design Studio, optimized to blend multiple data sources, real time pivots and previews.

Design the perfect report

Pivot and join data from multiple sources in real-time

Find the best way to look at your data by moving columns and rows around. Data updates in real-time and can be shown in tabular views or charts and other visualizations.

SQL queries for total control

Sometimes even the best visual query builder just can’t capture the data you need to visualize. For those cases, Rational BI allows you to drop into SQL mode and query your data using the full power of a database, even if the data is streaming live from an Excel file, a Google Sheet or a CSV file.


Turn your data into actionable insights

Rational BI allows you to make use of a flexible library of visualizations to build dashboards that shape the trajectory of your business by showing data relationships and breakdowns.



Customize and create the perfect visualization

Rational BI’s powerful Data Studio gives users the opportunity to customize visualizations to exactly match the data and design of the dashboard.

Strong data visualization and storytelling help inform your audience and by picking the perfect visualization and visual style for each element in a dashboard or report, you can communicate more clearly and efficiently and bring unparalleled clarity to your dashboards.

Pie and Dougnut ChartsPie and Dougnut Charts

Wave goodbye to bad BI tools

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