Scheduled Report Delivery

Get your insights in front of everyone, on time, every time


Reports delivered to your Inbox

Not everyone is going to be logging into the reporting and analytics tool to check the latest numbers.

When you want to get the latest numbers in front of everyone, scheduled reporting solves the problem and frees you from repetitive tasks that have to be performed over and over.

Rational BI can take any report, dashboard or notebook and schedule it for automatic delivery on a flexible schedule.

Process Flow

When the schedule says that it’s time to deliver the report, the system will open the report, refresh it, make a PDF, take a screenshot and attach to an email to your distribution list.

The email can contain a custom message and will link back to the live report for those that want to dive deeper into the numbers.

Flexible Delivery

Reports needs to be delivered at the right time, on time, every time. The scheduling interface provides configurability to select the correct time and recurrence patterns to ensure that your reports will be delivered exactly when the need to.

Wave goodbye to bad BI tools

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