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Getting Started ‚Äč

Welcome to Rational! Let's get started with setting up your Rational account and creating your first product. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Select your subscription tier: Rational offers three tiers - Free, Professional, and Enterprise. The Free tier includes most of Rational's functionality, but you're restricted to a subdomain under The Professional tier allows you to use your own domain and provides in-depth analytics. The Enterprise tier includes features like single sign-on, enhanced support, and more.

  2. Set up your domain: During signup, you provided a unique subdomain for your products. This subdomain under will always be active for your account. If you have chosen the Professional tier, you can additionally set up your own domain and TLS parameters through the domain admin page. Both domains will work simultaneously. You can use the Rational domain as a fallback in case there are issues with your custom domain, such as an expired TLS certificate.

  3. Connect to Stripe: Connecting your Rational account to Stripe is a crucial step for managing payments and subscriptions. If you haven't done this during signup, you can do it now by following the onboarding process in Stripe.

    Stripe Connect allows you to create charges and transfer the funds directly into your account. It enables you to seamlessly accept payments and handle subscriptions. You will need to complete Stripe's onboarding and provide the necessary business and personal details. Once completed, you'll be taken back to Rational, and your connection to Stripe is established.

  4. Create your first product: Now that your account is set up, it's time to create your first product! You can go through the 'Building Products in Workspace' section of our documentation for inspiration and instructions. You can create products and configure them to require a subscription or not, depending on your needs.

As you get more familiar with Rational, you can explore other features like uploading data, customizing pages, and more. If you need help at any point, our support team is here to assist you.

Welcome aboard, let's create something amazing!