Build the perfect data storefront

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Our platform allows you to turn your data into a valuable product. With Rational, you can plug in your data and customize the content to fit your needs, creating a comprehensive online experience for your customers.

With Rational, you have the freedom to tailor your data product using open technologies. Our platform is designed to grow with your business needs, with a global infrastructure that offers the necessary capacity to scale your operations smoothly.

We make it easy for businesses with limited developer resources to create and sell data products. Everything you need - such as security, log-in functionality, and user administration - is already taken care of so that you can focus on the most important: creating a unique and stunning online experience for your data.

All you need to create a unique experience

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Customize your product exactly as you want

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Easy plug-in for your data

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A comprehensive online experience for your customers

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Scalable platform built on open technologies

Turn your data into a revenue stream

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