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We bring together everything you need to build and sell access to your data for a global market.

Our platform provides all the features required to market your data, manage your customers and collect payment.

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  • 01 . Import your data and create your product
  • 02 . Start selling
  • 03 . Analyze, optimize and convert
  • 04 . Manage your customers


Design your product

Create customized reports and turn your data into a comprehensive online experience.

Craft the experience you want

Plug in your data and get started right away. Adjust to fit your product and brand messages.

Tailor to the customer

Tailor to your customers’ needs and preferences, maximizing value and impact.



  • Sell your data Create a storefront for your data and sell access to it.
  • Target your audience Market and sell your data to your target audience.
  • Track and evaluate Track the performance of your storefront and evaluate your sales process.



Gather insights

Use built-in analytics to learn what your customers want and need.

Understand your customers

Learn how customers use your product and delight them by catering to their usage patterns.

Increase revenue

Understand your customers’ behavior and preferences to improve your data product and increase its value.


  • Minimize customer support Your customers can self-manage their accounts without your involvement.
  • Simplify your back office Set up subscriptions, add and remove users and mange access rights.
  • Handle billing and payments Integrate self-service payments with Stripe.

Turn your data into a revenue stream

Talk to us and learn how to turn your data into a subscription product